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Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

To equip students with the 4 essential literacy skills, so that they will be confident communicators and effective users of their Mother Tongue Languages.To ignite students’ passion and appreciation for their Mother Tongue Languages and cultures through engaging and meaningful activities.

Key Department Programmes

P1 & P2 Speech & Drama Workshop

This Speech & Drama Workshop aims to equip students with the communication skills for them to be confident speaker of MTL. Students will explore the realm of performing arts and experiment with the various techniques. Students will also havethe opportunity to showcase their talents during a stage performance.

MTL Fortnight Programme

This programme aims at creating an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue Languages. A wide range of activities related to CL/ML/TL language and culture are conducted. These activities provide authentic opportunities for students to use their Mother Tongue Languages and to experience the cultures.

Reading Programme

To cultivate reading habits in students, a reading programme is in place for all levels to inculcate the love for reading and to positively impact students’ language competency. P1 through P3 students will visit the school library for the reading activities while P4 through P6 students will have an enriched reading programme to expose them to different genre of reading materials to enhance theirinterest in reading.

Overseas Learning Journey

The Overseas Learning Journeys to China and Malaysia are good platforms for students to take learning beyond the classroom and to expose them to outdoor education. Students will also get to interact with their peers from other countriesas well as practise their use of MTL during such programmes.

Workshop for Parents

The Language workshop is an avenue for teachers and parents to collaborate. It aims to keep parents abreast of the latest pedagogies and strategies in the learning of MTL. Teachers also share knowledge with parents on how they can help their children learn MTL.

Individualised Oral Practice

The individualised oral practice for P6 students is conducted with the intention of giving each student individualised attention to practice their skills. The programme conducted before and after school hours provides a good platform for teachers to give immediate feedback to students to improve their oral skills and tobuild their confidence during conversation.

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