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School Identity & Symbols

School Identity & Symbols

School Crest

The initials LPS are merged together to represent unity. The letters form a broad base which symbolises the firm foundation in education provided by the school. The stem of the letter ‘P’ signifies growth and development while the circular portion reflects a rounded education. The colours navy blue and peach are used to represent the sea of knowledge and the every lasting quest for success.

School Motto

“The Best is in Me” reflects the philosophy of the school to imbue in students the feelings of self-worth and strive towards excellence.

School Vision

Inspired Learners, Compassionate Leaders.

School Mission

To develop all students to their full potential, and to imbue in them the sense of self-worth.

School Core Values

  • Self-Worth
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility

The school staff and students are guided by the core values of Self-Worth, Integrity and Responsibility. Self-Worth is the internalizing of confidence for the individual and manifests into deportment and deeds. Integrity is having the moral courage to support our beliefs, admit our mistakes and to practise what we preach. Responsibility is the taking care of oneself, those in need and the environment. These values are our foundation and our internal compass and we believe that with these values, the Loyang family will succeed.

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