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Parents Support Group

Parents Support Group

“Building passion and character takes many years and is a joint effort. Schools, parents and the community are all integral parts of a child’s life. We have to support each other in offering opportunities for our children to learn in ways that are very relevant and real for them, connecting them to the society they live in, and the world.”

Speech By Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister For Education (5 April 2013)

In Loyang Primary School, forging partnerships is one of our goals to develop our students to their full potential through meaningful collaboration with empowered parents. It is with this mutual understanding that we receive strong and continual support from the members of Parents in Education (PIE) over the past years. Their support and belief in us have created a conducive learning environment for our children. We are very blessed to have a team of dedicated and supportive PIE members. Their valuable support has provided a meaningful learning experience for our students of Loyang.

Loyang Primary School truly believes that parents are the driving force to move the school forward. We would like to invite you to join us as a PIE member in our school. Together, we will embark on this eventful journey of developing our children to their full potential.

Areas of Participation

Listed below are some of the areas that parents can render their services in:

Recess Parents

Coordinator: Mdm Julie

Job Description: Parents assist teachers in ensuring that students queue up for food and play safely during recess time.

Instructional Programme Parents

Coordinators: Mdm Fadzillah and Mdm Azlindah

Job Description: Parents help our students with literacy and numeracy skills. (Training sessions will be provided before the sessions start.

Eco Parents

Coordinator: Mdm Lenka

Job Description: Parents aid in the collection of recycling materials in support for the “Go Green” programme.

 Event & Learning Journey Parents

Coordinators: Mdm Aqidah & Mdm Sherry

Job Description: Parents are invited to work with teachers in organising school events such as Racial Harmony Day and Children’s Day. They also assist our teachers by accompanying our students for field trips or outings.

Gardening Parents

Coordinator: Mdm Emma

Job Description: Parents assist the teachers in the hydroponics programme. They also help to maintain the Outdoor Learning Experience Garden.

K2 Outreach Parents

Coordinators: Mdm Aqidah and Mdm Lenka

Job Description: Parents will assist in school immersion programmes conducted for the K2 students visiting Loyang Primary School.

F & B Parents

Coordinators: Mdm Jamaliah, Mdm Azlindah & Mdm Normadiah

Job Description: Parents aid in coordinating and preparing food for special events/functions.

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