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In Loyang Primary, we aim to create for our students a mathematics education experience as one of understanding the world we live in. As Mathematics is an abstract concept, we focus on students’ conceptual understanding through providing learning experiences that engage students in constructing their own learning of mathematics concepts and skills. Students will also learn mathematics concepts through well-thought out activities and programmes that help students’ gain confidence and resilience.

Department Goals

  • To instill a passion for Mathematics in students and teachers
  • To develop students’ problem solving ability through implementing effective programmes

Key Programmes

Analytical Thinking Skills and 21st CC Skills through Games-based Approach

This programme aims to develop our students to be critical and inventive thinkers through:

  • Teaching analytical thinking and problem solving skills through a games-based approach
  • Developing and offer authentic platforms for the development of 21st century competencies

In a games-based approach, students acquire analytical thinking skills in an engaging and authentic setting. Due to the fun and motivating nature of games, students will be enthused and will persevere at it till they achieve the game objective. Through this, students cultivate perseverance and get an opportunity to learn communication skills through interaction with their peers and manage their relationships through ‘negotiation’ elements of the game. Examples of games include strategy based-board games and international chess.

Some of the skills to be acquired through this programme are:

  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Logical reasoning skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Fast and frugal heuristics
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Relationship management skills

Learning Mathematics through Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences

Activity-based lessons are carefully designed so that our students are able to enhance and deepen their understanding of abstract mathematical concepts as they explore and interact with the physical environment and mathematical tools. Using manipulatives in mathematics lessons help students grasp concepts with greater ease. It helps them to move from concrete experiences to pictorial representations and finally, abstract reasoning.

Teaching of Process Skills and Heuristics

As mathematical problem solving is central to Mathematics learning, we place much emphasis in developing our students’ problem solving ability through the explicit teaching of process skills and problem solving heuristics. In so doing, students deepen their knowledge and understanding as they develop, refine and use these heuristics skills in Mathematics problem solving.

The Mathematics Olympiad Programme

The Mathematics Olympiad Programme is a part of our schools’ talent management programme. It introduces students to interesting and challenging mathematical problems that are not normally taught in the classroom to enhance their problem solving skills and develop their potential and flair for Mathematics.

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