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PE, CCA & Aesthetics

Department Goal

To provide a holistic programme that will develop the cognitive, affective, moral, physical and social skills of the pupils.

PE Curriculum Design

The PE Curriculum in LYPS adopts a spiral approach. It is designed to be aligned with the revised MOE PE Syllabus (2013, 2014) for Primary 1 to 4. Primary 5 and 6 syllabuses are focusing on Games Concept Approach (GCA) in teaching sports and games. Our Scheme of Work (SOW) of PE are designed by our PE teachers and reviewed every year in accordance to MOE revised PE Syllabus.

Key Programmes

Workout Wednesday

is a 10 min mass activity conducted on every Wednesday in the morning before the flag raising ceremony. A variety of activities such as mass jogging, Jump Jam, Zumba and Aerobics are led by our passionate health fanatic teachers. Students and teachers enjoy the mass activity to start off their day with a healthy body and mind.

Fun Friday

is another mass activity conducted on every Friday in the morning immediately after flag raising ceremony 7.45 – 8.15 am. The games are conducted by teachers where students rotate within a stipulated time. At the same time, 2 levels will take turns to go out to the nearby Pasir Ris Park for a brisk walk.

Sports Carnival

is an annual event which students get the opportunity to learn different kinds of sports and games not available in school, such as roller-blading, Dance Sport, Boxercise, Tag Rugby, etc. Lower primary students will be engaged in carnival-style games in the hall. In 2014, LYPS had collaborated with Pasir Ris CC and Active Aging Community to go for a walkathon at the nearby Pasir Ris Park.

Loyang K-Pop & Hip-hop

is a dance programme started in 2014 to promote Creative Arts Education, school values and health and fitness. At the end of the programme, Primary 4 and Primary 5 students will be able to perform a signature K-pop and Hip-hop dance routine respectively, which is unique only to Loyang Primary School.

P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp.

The objectives of the camp are to develop the students in life skills for the 21CC skills, to develop self-discipline and self-confidence, to inculcate team work and team spirit, to develop leadership qualities and to inculcate the school values of Self-Worth, Integrity and Responsibility.

P3 SwimSafer.

The programme aims to teach swimming proficiency and water survival skills to children to minimize drowning incidences in a fun manner.

Weight Management Programme.

The aim of WMP is to enable our students who are overweight to achieve ideal weight to keep fit in a fun way. This is achieved by getting the students to increase their physical activity, reduce sedentary lifestyle and adopting a healthier eating behaviour. Family involvement is vital to ensure success of the programme and hence, the school works collaboratively with HPB. Parents and caregivers are also invited to attend health talks and be given tips to support their child’s growth and development.

Physical Sports (CCA)

Students who choose these Core CCAs will undergo some trials and selections. Students who have shown good potential and talents will represent the school at zonal and national inter-school competitions. They will have to undergo training sessions at least twice a week during school term. Students who are not selected to represent the school may still be asked to attend the once a week training session. A few of our top boys and girls have benefited from these CCAs as they gained entry to the Singapore Sports School and other secondary schools through the Direct School Admission (DSA). Once the students are selected to represent the school, they are to be committed to stay in that particular CCA throughout their years in the school.

soccer badminton wushu


A popular choice among students, this CCA is offered to both boys and girls. Training sessions catering to the different levels, from P1 to P6, are conducted thrice a week during the school term. Aside from equipping our students with the essential soccer skills, strong emphasis is placed in character building. Leadership skills, team spirit and sportsmanship are inculcated in the students. Students will also get the opportunity to represent the school at zonal and national competitions.


Student in Badminton CCA will have the opportunity to learn the various skills in playing the game as well as the values and attitudes associated with good sportsmanship such as fair play, integrity, respect and self-discipline. They will learn to be responsible team members and play an active role in contributing to the team’s success. In addition, they will also learn the skills in building rapport with one another through helping and supporting one another in the CCA.


Wushu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts.In our school, each session is coached by three qualified coaches from Xin Yi Wushu Academy. The wushu proponents are taught martial art patterns and maneuvers that comprise of basic movements such as stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps and throws.

The multi-racial team of students in this CCA are given opportunities to show off their moves and skills during the National Inter-Schools Wushu Competition held every year. They are also highlighted during concerts and school events. We are looking forward to even more exposure next year when we perform at cultural events around Singapore.

Aesthetics CCA (Performing and Visual Arts)

Students who choose the Aesthetics CCA will be trained to take part in the biannual Singapore Youth Festival and/or other related competitions. As much effort and money are invested in these CCAs to groom each student for the important competitions, students are generally expected to stay in these CCAs for their entire stay in the school. Students will also have opportunities to perform at national and community events.

dumming chinese_dance malay_dance art_club

Chinese Drumming

Chinese drumming is a group activity associated with pomp, circumstance and jubilation. It is a hallmark of prosperity and celebration, uniting people through collective rhythm and tempo. The players follow a main rhythm while adding “complexity”, “volume” and “presence” to the performance. In Loyang, we aim to equip our students with these exciting drumming skills and opportunities to participate in performances in school or outside.

Chinese Dance

The Chinese Dance CCA exposes students to the elegance and beauty of the dance culture through the language of movements.

The training focuses on Chinese dance techniques to develop flexibility and stamina. The training also explores and incorporates traditional Chinese Dance with more contemporary forms of Chinese Dance.

Students should demonstrate diligence, discipline, determination, a willingness to learn and improve as well as the ability to work as a team.

Malay Dance

Through this CCA, dancers learn to love the art of performing, able to master their the 5 basic Malay dance steps: Asli, Joget, Masri, Zapin and Inang and be able to work as a team.

Art Club

The Art Club aims to expose students to the different art forms and enhance students’ love for the arts, through art appreciation and art making. Learning of the arts is extended beyond the classrooms as students learn various 2D and 3D art forms.

Clubs and Societies CCA

Clubs and Societies are on-going CCAs where students learn various important life-skills and develop good character. Only some of the General CCA offers inter-school competitions. See below for some details of the different General CCA.

math_achievers_club science_club info-comm_club ldds

Math Achievers Club

Math Achiever’s Club was started in 2010. The objective of the club was to co-ordinate and conduct Math enrichment programmes for selected P4 to 6 students who have shown aptitude and potential in mathematical problem solving. These programmes equip the students with process and visual thinking skills that enable them to solve Maths-Olympiad type problems and prepare them for Math Olympiad Competitions. Since 2010, our students have been taking part in the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) and Singapore Mathematical Olympiad For Primary Schools (SMO).

Science Club

This is the CCA that stimulates students’ curiosity about Science and their environment through inquiry investigations. Students’ scientific concepts will be enhanced through such investigations. Students will also be given the opportunity to take part in external competitions such as Sony Creative Science Awards and Singapore Amazing Flying Machines Competition. These competitions provide a platform for students to learn through fun.

Info-Comm Club

The Infocomm Club @ Loyang presents members with opportunities to master ICT skills like lomography, story conceptualisation and video editing. Students get a chance to participate in the annual SDMA in which the club has often done very well.


The Language Drama and Debating Society (LDDS) aims to inculcate a love for the Language in its members through participation in debate and storytelling activities. Our club also aims to expose our members to other art forms such as drama so that they will be able to have a greater appreciation of them.

Art Department

Department Goal

The Art Department aims to expose pupils to various art forms, teach pupils appreciation for the art while making them see the importance of art in everyday life, and build their confidence in art making.

Key Programmes

CHAMP (Character Development in Art and Music Programme) teaches pupils 1 new art skill per year, not only to expose them to different art forms but also give them confidence in art making and enhancing their self-worth.

Music Department

The Music Department aims to develop a confident and respectful individual who is a self-directed learner and an active contributor. The Creative Music Programme (as part of CHAMPs) aims to expose students to fun and lively music courses, provide opportunity for our students to learn to play musical instruments and to perform with their friends.

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