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Every child is different, with his own interests, needs and dreams. To help each and every one of them release their full potential and excel in Science, the Science department has been organising and conducting a series of programmes to engage our students in interesting and meaningful activities. The school has also created many educational learning corners to arouse our students’ interest in learning Science.

The following three integral domains are essential to the practice of Science:

  • Knowledge, Understanding and Application,
  • Skills and Processes and
  • Ethics and Attitudes

Department Goal

To arouse students’ curiosity in Science and instil environmental friendliness inthem through multi-disciplinary teaching and project work.

Key Department Programmes

Nature-based Education

A holistic nature-based explorative learning environment named Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE) was set up to engage our students in the learning of Science andencourage them to become self-directed leaners. To date, OLE boasts of approximately 180 different types of flora and a variety of fauna. Indeed, OLE lends itself nicely to the existing Science curriculum which seeks to nurture thestudent as an inquirer. Being able to physically see and touch the flora and fauna fuels our students’ curiosity. The teachers leverage on this spirit of curiosity to help students internalise Science concepts and simply appreciate thebeautiful nature around them. Since the setup of OLE, students now enjoy Sciencea lot more and value Science as an important tool in helping them explore their natural and physical world.

Go Green Programme

The department has put in tremendous effort in promoting Go Green messages in Loyang Primary. Teachers in charge of the Go Green programme have introduced the ‘Loyang Green Cards’ system to appeal to students to bring their recyclable wasteevery Wednesday. Our Eco Mums have volunteered to assist us in collecting the recyclable items during the recesses.

The programme is a success and the school has attained the Sustained Lotus award from Singapore Environmental Council, a Gold award for the Community in Bloom and a Silver award for the 3R Award.


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