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Signature Programmes

Loyang IT (LIT)

Our school seeks to deepen the learning of students through effective integration of ICT in Teaching & Learning. We also aim to promote a socially responsible culture in the use of ICT for learning and communication. These are achieved through the LIT programme for students.

LIT is aligned with MOE ICT Masterplan to address the changes in needs in the 21st Century. Students are equipped with ICT knowledge and skills in the areas of Digital and Media Literacy, such that they can be critical and innovative learners.


Nature-Based Education (ALP)

Loyang Primary School’s Nature-Based Education (ALP) provides students with the opportunities to apply what they have learnt through interaction with the environment using the Inquiry Pedagogy approach. The Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE) Garden provides an ideal setting for facilitated and self-directed learning and designed activities are age appropriate and progressive, leading to deeper understanding, greater retention and better appreciation of concepts taught in class.

Seeking to nurture responsible students with inquiring minds, who also care for the environment they live in, students with aptitude and interest will also have the opportunities to take part in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship programmes where they can create products that address real needs of the community or environment.


Creative Arts Education (LLP)

Loyang Primary School’s Creative Arts Education seeks to engage, inspire and enrich all students through providing them with a rich base to explore ideas, sensory qualities and often penetrating questions and personal feelings. Students have the opportunities to develop perceptual and conceptual understanding, critical reasoning and practical skills through exploring and expanding their understanding of their world, and other worlds.

The Creative Arts Education provides opportunities for all the students to be developed in various art forms through the 3E approach, namely Exposure (Introduction to various art forms), Experience (Hands-on learning of the Arts) and Expression (Develop their creativity through art pieces). Activities are designed and implemented on 2 broad levels, namely Broad-Based Development (School-Wide Activities) and Extension and Talent Development, which extends the learning to students with greater aptitude and interest.


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