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Principal’s Message


Loyang Primary School’s raison d’être is to nurture a whole child, getting him ready for the future. This belief is encapsulated in our school mission of developing every child to his full potential and imbuing in him a sense of self-worth. Driven by our school mission, the school is committed to provide our students with a holistic education that develops them in the five domains: cognitive, physical, aesthetics, social and moral, so as to ensure that they are future-ready.

Loyang Primary School has created an engaging learning school environment where students are given ample opportunity to learn independently and develop a habit of inquiry. Various learning corners are set up around the school to encourage learning beyond the classroom. An example is the OLE (Outdoor Learning Experience) trail, where students are enticed to explore and appreciate the flora and fauna that can be found in an eco-pond. Our programmes that can be broadly categorised into 1) programmes for the masses, such as Speech and Drama for P1 and P2 students and 2) talent-based programmes such as the Young Journalist Scheme that is aimed at developing our linguists in their writing and oral communication skills.

To promote healthy living and develop physical fitness among our students, the school conducts Workout Wednesday, a weekly programme where our students get together and stay fit through fun physical activities. From folk dance to game skills galore, Workout Wednesday aims to promote the elements of fun, variety, enjoyment, healthy living, team spirit and involvement for all through safe physical activities.

Character through Arts and Music Programmes (CHAMPS) is an initiative that instils values such as responsibility and perseverance in students through a wide variety of aesthetics experiences that range from musical instrument playing to creation of art pieces using different mediums. We recognise students who exhibit the school shared values of Self-Worth, Integrity and Responsibility, as well as SEL competencies through the Model Student Award and Loyang Eagle Award.

Loyang Primary has a team of dedicated and competent staff. The staff constantly discuss and explore curriculum and school-based innovations through platforms such as PLTs, TTT and school leader-led sharing sessions. Teachers also conduct weekly lesson reflections to encourage themselves to innovate and to harness their strengths in teaching.

In the recent School Climate Survey, we are among the few schools which have attained Zone A for EAS and Zone B for EOs in the Staff Engagement indicator. We are also proud to have a recipient of MOE Service Excellence Award and finalists of Inspiring Teachers Award, Caring Teachers Award and President’s Award for Teachers. It is with such quality staff that we are able to initiate quality programmes that help prepare our students to be 21st century learners.

Loyang Primary School recognises the importance and benefits of forging strong partnerships with key stakeholders. With quality partnership, the school managed to tap on platforms to showcase our students’ talents and opportunities to gain exposure. For example, we partnered NParks in the biennial Singapore Garden Festival where our students demonstrated the making of terrariums to the public.

Partners-in-Education (PIE) a parent volunteer group has also been actively supporting the school. For example, Reading Mums read with the weak readers. Parent volunteers help to manage the recycling programme, caring for our gardens and promoting health programmes to our students.

We will continue to do our best to bring out the BEST in our people. Loyang Primary will make a difference in nurturing the holistic child for the 21st century, anchoring on strong values and being passionate about life. Our students will be inspired learner and compassionate leaders.

We will continue the success story of Loyang Primary as we Lead, Care and Inspire our young ones.

Mdm Pang Siu San

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