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Loyang Eagle

With inputs from students, the Loyang Eagle was chosen as the school’s mascot. It embodies the school core values for which the students can identify. The school envisions her students to soar like an eagle, with strong sense of Self-Worth, Intergrity and Responsibility.

Loyang Eagle

I am the Eagle.
I fly higher than any other birds.
As storms approach, lesser birds head for cover.
I soar higher by the power of the storms.
I enjoy challenges… I am confident…
For I have Self-Worth.

I will not consume what I did not hunt.
I’m not a scavenger. I seek my own food.
I do not take from others, I work for what I want.
I do not claim credit for what I have not done…
For I have Integrity.

I build my home.
I care for my young.
They will never go hungry.
I will always provide to ensure their survival…
For I have Responsibility.

I am the Loyang Eagle.
I have S.I.R.

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