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The Peach and Blue

In 2007, the song ‘Peach and Blue’ was launched. The song speaks of the children’s love for the school and helps to foster school pride and the Loyang spirit of everyone being at his best.

The Peach and Blue

If I were to meet someone
If he were to query
What’s so special about Loyang?
I’ll tell him my story…

Loyang Primay is the first
Primary School in Pasir Ris
Everyone is at his best
For the best is in me

Loyang’s fun and Loyang cares
For my mind and body
Study hard and play as hard
To enjoy and not for glory

Soccer, Skipping, Badminton
We won competitions
We work hard with Loyang’s help
We will go all the distance

Healthy food, yummy food
We have in our canteen
Fun programmes like Loyang Star
We can show who we are

Boys and girls are my friends
Principals, teachers too
Everyone greets you with a smile
We’re a happy, caring school

Come join us, it’s not far
Have your dreams come true
Loyang Primary’s my family
Wear the peach and blue.

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