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Success Stories

Navjeev Singh:

(Year 2 at University of Oxford) 

Loyang Primary School has played an integral role in my development in all areas of cognitive, social, moral as well as physical. I fondly remember my days of being a young, active and mischievous student in the school; from playing football with my friends to representing the school in Track & Field to being reprimanded by my teachers for my untidy handwriting.

The school has provided me with the platforms through which I learnt about the importance of caring for the community, working hard to achieve my goals and having friends from all cultural and income groups. Here, I discovered the virtue of perseverance, the spirit of lifelong learning and the heart of empathy. My experiences here have given me the confidence to take on and succeed in the academic and leadership domain.

Loyang Primary School is an institution that definitely focuses on holistic development. Its commitment to develop the whole child is indeed greatly felt. At Loyang Primary School, I truly believe ‘the best is in me’ and through that belief, I have been able to take on many challenges successfully ever since.

Collin Sim

Collin (in white shirt) & Nicholas (in yellow shirt) with their mother, Mrs Sim

I am proud to graduate from Loyang Primary School. Being the school’s head prefect, I was given the responsibility and autonomy to lead my fellow prefects to serve the school to our best ability. The support from the school was fantastic and the experience has made me a better and more confident leader.

There are many good things to say about the dedicated and committed teachers of Loyang Primary School. They go the extra mile to ensure that the students get the best out of school. I was in the school’s debate team and have competed in the Primary Schools Wit and Words Debate. The teachers-in-charge dedicated a lot of time coaching us in debating skills to ensure that we are well-prepared for our competitions. Now, I am in the debate team in my secondary school and though I am just a Secondary One student, I was selected to represent the school in the Inter-school Debate. I attribute it to the nurture I received from the teachers in Loyang Primary School which allowed me to shine in my current debate team.

I would like to thank Loyang Primary School for giving me many platforms to prepare me for the future.

Nicholas Sim

Nicholas was a former student of Loyang Primary School. He was a student leader and had received the Eagles Award for Leadership.


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