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Community Partners


When children’s learning goes beyond schools, students have more opportunities for meaningful and engaged learning. They are better able to see the connection between the curriculum in school and the skills required in the real world.

This is the basis to which one of our strategic thrusts, Quality Partnership, is built upon. The school thus actively seeks organisations that can support and enrich our students’ learning. Through platforms provided by our partners, we also hope to have the opportunity to showcase our talents and at the same time gain exposure for our school.

One such key partner is the National Parks Board (NParks). NParks aims to inspire ownership and care for nature while Loyang Primary strives to nurture self-directed learners who have a lively curiosity about things around them. Both parties see how we could complement each other with our programmes. And since both NParks and Loyang Primary believe in empowering the young to make a difference, it is this mutual complementation and shared belief that underpins this partnership.

Our partnership started off through one of our ex-SAC members who recommended our school to NParks in 2009 for the APEC Leaders Spouses’ Programme. In this programme, our students were involved as guides to the APEC leaders’ spouses at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. It was a platform for us to develop and showcase our confident speakers and at the same time provide exposure for our school. Since then, as one of NParks’s key partner schools, we have been invited as participants to their following events:

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 – Students demonstrated terrarium-making to the public.

“The Man Who Planted Trees” 2011 – Students were involved in planting seedlings on the five-metre tall giant display.

Singapore Garden Festival Soft Launch 2012 – Students teamed up with the NParks Officers in creating a 70m by 22m land art display themed “Beginnings” using over 30 tonnes of pruned branches, dried fruits and leaves gathered from gardens and parks around Singapore.

Singapore Garden Festival 2012 – Students will have the opportunity once again to demonstrate terrarium-making to the public.

In 2014, the school has given support to NParks events like Green Wave, Every Child A Seed Programme and Singapore Garden Festival 2014. The principal planted a kedongdong plant during the Green Wave Day in May 2014. P3 students were given a seed starter kit to encourage them to plant. We also sent a team of student presenters to demonstrate terrarium-making and a group of PIE members for CIB sharing during the Garden Festival.

Our partnership is not limited to programmes for students. We have also worked closely with NParks officers in the setting up of our school’s Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE) Garden. They have provided us with valuable advice and insights which facilitated the setting up of our OLE Garden. To express our appreciation to NParks, the school has shown support to their events where the whole staff attended the Singapore Garden Festival in 2010 and the World Orchid Conference in 2011. We have also presented NParks with the “Friends of LPS” award since 2010, to acknowledge the pleasant partnership that we have been enjoying with NParks.

With the right partnerships, school efforts in meeting the developmental needs of every student placed in our care can be augmented. We are glad to have the opportunity to partner NParks in our continuing efforts to nurture the young.

Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Being partners with HPB has brought a wealth of benefit to the students of Loyang Primary School. Through various health-related programmes and regular visits to HealthZone, students are able to attain optimal health by acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills. In line with HPB’s mission statement, we are also seeking to let students get a sense of how important it is to take ownership of their own health. HPB has also been an active partner in our Loyang Fiestas over the years. They provided exhibits and activities as part of the event in their on-going effort to promote health in not just students but the community as well.

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